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— Founder / Mom to Four Little Bobos

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I'm a lifestyle and family portrait photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. I'm mom to four little bobos who inspired my love for capturing the spirit of children on camera. After my first bobo was born, I picked up a camera and haven't put it down since. 


I founded Little Bobos in 2014, after realizing my passion for black and white portraiture, especially with little ones as my subject. It was borne from a very simple philosophy: childhood is fleeting. And that's why I'm here — to capture a moment in time during your kid's life. Little Bobos is a project that is near and dear to my heart, and I feel insanely lucky to call this my job. I believe every child has such a unique disposition, and love to be able to show each one's individuality through the lens.


Whether you live in Ohio or on the West Coast, I would love to photograph your little bobo. Find out how you can host a Little Bobos pop-up at your business, throw a private party with your friends, or check out where we will be visiting next!

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